Al Raky Group is owned by Raky Yassin Wahib, who has built up the group over 27 years since 1992. He qualified as a geologist.  

In 1984 he started to work for the Iraqi Ministry of Industry in their fertilizer company, where he specialized in the concentration of P2 O5 in rock phosphate, to produce phosphoric acid and start the process of uranium purification, as well as the production of fertilizer. From 1992 till today he has supplied equipment to the oil and gas industry, including equipment for exploration, drilling, pipeline, refinery, and distribution. He has also supplied equipment for power generation and distribution.

In 2002 conditions in Iraq forced him to move the business to the UAE where he built up a substantial operation, and later was pleased to move back into Iraq as conditions there improved. The experience in the UAE allowed him to develop a wide regional base of clients in the GCC. 

From 2004 till today he has had a parallel business in foodstuffs. He established two factories for processing and packing dry food, as well as building a large business in trading foodstuff. 

In 2008 till today he has supplied the requirements for holding elections, such as ballot papers, kits for setting up and managing polling stations, including polling boxes and voting booths, as well as updating the electoral registers of those who are allowed in vote. From 2012 till today he has sold and distributed fuel products such as crude oil, petrol, jet fuel, fuel oil, bitumen, and lubricants. Raky Yassin Wahib’s experience in these many fields has been transferred to these companies that he owns, institutionalizing the knowledge and skills so they can spread and be used more effectively.All this experience is also available to any client who wishes for ask for consultancy, which is particularly important in helping clients define their needs and refine their requests for what they want to do.

 Direct contact for consultancy:

Mobile: +971505598330                                                                                   Email: raqiwhib@yahoo.com