Corporate profile

Royal Crown Food Manufacturing LLC was established in 2004 and Al Taj Al Maleki Foodstuff  & Dried Vegetable’s Industrial Co. LLC was established in 2006. They have fully mechanized processing and packaging plants in Dubai and Ras Al Khaimah, allowing all retail requirements to be satisfied, ensuring the highest quality preparation and product specification.
As a UAE company with a UAE industrial licensed from the Ministry of Economy, our products can carry UAE certificates of origin from the Ministry of Economy which state “Made in the UAE”. This has an important benefit because goods processed by us are duty free when we import the raw materials into the UAE, and also when we export the foodstuff anywhere in the 5 GCC states (UAE, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain) and their associated countries of Jordan, Morocco, Egypt, Algeria and Yemen.
Our factories are both HACCP certified, which in a global requirement, and HALAL certified which all countries in the region require for foodstuffs.
We are an international company that offers packaging in a wide range of languages, depending on the clients’ target markets.


Many companies need regular supply of food for their staff.

Camp restaurants

We supply company restaurants with both uncooked and ready-to-eat food, as their labour force schedule requires.
Some construction companies use our services for their many thousands of staff who need to eat on-site before they return to the labour accommodation at the end of the shift. Some of our clients have factories that do not have proper food preparation facilities or eating rooms.

Ship Companies

Some shipping companies order in advance for both food stuffs for the crew as well as diesel for the ship. As a group that covers both these sectors we are ready to meet both requirements.

Some shipping companies require the full range of foods, and others require snacks like croissants to vary the crew’s diet while in port. Our fuel companies have the diesel bunkered and ready for delivery when the ships arrive.