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Grains and Pulses Processing


• Trading: We import wheat from many countries that we supply to government organisations normally through tender through our companies and through third parties. The government customers normally then pass the wheat to mills to make flour. We also supply wheat to private sector flour mills. After milling, we buy back the husks and sell them on for processing into animal food.
• Processing: We grind wheat to produce course and fine bourghul, hariss, and couscous. Which we then on-sell to the final customers.
• Trading: We import and sell barley to the food industry, such as bakeries, and other manufacturers. We also sell barley to animal food manufacturers.
• Processing: We roast and grind barley according to the requirements of customers in the food business.
• Trading: We import and sell corn to milling and processing companies, for us in both human and animal foodstuffs.
• Processing: We import corn, which we roast to produce popcorn, and fry, and add flavorings, to supply to the entertainment and retail business.

Lentils, green mung, beans and chickpeas

We import these products from various countries which do not have the world standard food processing and packaging facilities we have. This allows us to add value to the farmers’ raw products, and then sell into the food industry.
The processes we offer for these products include:
• Fumigation and air cleaning
• Breaking
• Polishing
• Size sorting
The products we handle include:
• Dal
• Red lentils
• White beans
• Red beans
• Soya beans
• Long beans
• Peas
• Chickpeas
• Snow peas – (lubia)


We can package all the grains, pulses, beans and peas that we process.
We have dry food packaging lines, with 14-head weighing scale machines that can handle from 1kg to 15g; semi-automatic weighing scale machines that can handle from 15g to 10 kg; and a two-head weighing scale machine that handles 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 12.5kg. We also have a powder packing line from 10g to 200g.
Our goods are duty free for both raw materials import and finished goods export, under our status as a UAE manufacturer.

Branding and private labelling

All packaging includes branding, which we customize to the clients’ own brands and requirements.
Many outlets and larger organizations sell foodstuff under their private labels, which we are happy to use.
We can brand to any specification that matches the packaging, on sachets and pouches, larger bags, or containers designed to hold a selection of the sachets.

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