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Foodstuff Private Labelling

We offer a wide range of third party services to our customers who take back their goods after our treatment for their own commercial operations. These services include preparation of foodstuffs; giving goods a UAE certificate of origin to obtain duty free status throughout the GCC; and delivery of goods to anywhere. While packaging and re-packaging the goods, we often add the clients private label for branding. Preparation includes the complete range of services for all dry foods, from fumigation and cleaning, through frying and roasting, to drying, laser sorting and packaging.

We offer the full range of our facilities as a third party service to any trader, farmer, or manufacturer of dry foods. The high quality of our machinery and operation guarantee a world-class delivery in terms of quality and service.
Many supermarkets and traders offer foodstuffs under their own-brands, which we can deliver. We are able to supply the raw food to whatever specifications are required to match the standards of the in-house brands.

Services include:
1. Fumigation, Roasting, Frying, Blanching and Washing
1.a Fumigation and air cleaning
All dry foods need to be made fit for human consumption. We offer this service to:
• Farmers who products may not have been thoroughly cleaned.
• Traders, especially those dealing in goods from countries that do not have the right facilities to properly clean their imports.
• Our facilities deliver the global standard 72-hour fumigation and air cleaning.
• We frequently fumigate nuts, raisins, dates, figs, apricots, rice, chickpeas, all kinds of beans, lentils, and green mung, and we can handle any other foodstuff required.
1.b Roasting
• We have the facilities to roast all kinds of nuts, including peanuts, pistachio, cashew, almonds, and popcorn.
• We roast all kinds of seeds including sesame, pumpkin, sunflower, and watermelon.
• We can add flavoring as required.
• We operate both dry and wet processes.
• Our capacity can handle up to four tons a day.
1.c Frying
Some importers from countries that lack good sorting facilities are happy to use our skills in this area.
• We have the facilities to sort all kinds of
1. nuts like pistachio, cashew, almonds,
2. pulses like chickpeas, white and red beans, lentil,
3. Rice,
4. Raisins and dates.
• Our capacity is 2.8 tons per hour.
1.d Laser sorting
• Our double beam laser sorting machine is special for raisins and separates foreign materials from gold, brown, and black raisins.
• Our capacity is 2.8 tons per hour.
We have six dry food packaging lines.
• Three lines are 14-head weighing scale machines. They handle from 15g to 1kg.
• Two lines are semi-automatic weighing scale machines. They handle from 15g to 10 kg.
• One line is a two-head weighing scale machine. It handles 2.5kg, 5kg, 10kg, and 12.5kg.
In addition
• We have a powder packing line from 10g to 200g.
• We have a sugar packing machine with three lines, which handle finger sachets, and pouches from 5g up to 5kg.
We deliver door-to-door for local clients.
Our goods are duty free for both raw materials import and finished goods export, under our status as a UAE manufacturer.

Branding and Private Labelling
All packaging includes branding, which we customise to the clients’ own brands and requirements.
Many outlets and larger organizations sell foodstuff under their private labels, which we are happy to use.
We can brand to any specification that matches the packaging, on sachets and pouches, larger bags, or containers designed to hold a selection of the sachets.

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