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Business overview

Established in 2006, royal crown  Company is dedicated to providing superior quality herbs, spices, and custom blends to food manufacturers and food service distributors. We pride ourselves in sourcing products that our customers can use with confidence and trust. We believe in partnerships.

Royal crown  Company is a UAE based  company. We are committed to being outstanding in all we do. A supportive and healthy work environment is of paramount importance. Our values are reflected in how we treat our team members, with the average length of employment close to a decade. We believe in teamwork.

Royal crown  understands and honors the ability to contribute to the community.  We believe in giving back. We export to middle east , GCC countries as customize requirement .

Spice overview

. A spice may be available in several forms: fresh, whole dried, or pre-ground dried. Generally, spices are dried. Spices may be ground into a powder for convenience. A whole dried spice has the longest shelf life, so it can be purchased and stored in larger amounts, making it cheaper on a per-serving basis. A fresh spice, such as ginger, is usually more flavorful than its dried form, but fresh spices are more expensive and have a much shorter shelf life. Some spices are not always available either fresh or whole, for example turmeric, and often must be purchased in ground form. Small seeds, such as fennel and mustard seeds, are often used both whole and in powder form.

To grind a whole spice, the classic tool is mortar and pestle. Less labor-intensive tools are more common now: a microplane or fine grater can be used to grind small amounts; a coffee grinder] is useful for larger amounts. A frequently used spice such as black pepper may merit storage in its own hand grinder or mill.

The flavor of a spice is derived in part from compounds (volatile oils) that oxidize or evaporate when exposed to air. Grinding a spice greatly increases its surface area and so increases the rates of oxidation and evaporation. Thus, flavor is maximized by storing a spice whole and grinding when needed. The shelf life of a whole dry spice is roughly two years; of a ground spice roughly six months. The “flavor life” of a ground spice can be much shorter. Ground spices are better stored away from light.

Some flavor elements in spices are soluble in water; many are soluble in oil or fat. As a general rule, the flavors from a spice take time to infuse into the food so spices are added early in preparation. This contrasts to herbs which are usually added late in preparation


Royal crown  Company’s focus on quality has guided our success since the company’s creation. As a result, customers have come to depend on the consistency of flavor and appearance associated with our extensive product line. From our culinary grade ingredients to our custom blends, every product we make is scrutinized organoleptically, physically, chemically, and microbiologically according to internally defined, scientifically validated Quality Control and Quality Assurance programs.

Quality, Product Development, and Technical Services teams work interdepartmentally to facilitate accurate implementation of customer needs, while ensuring regulatory, nutritional, and identity preservation requirements. We know that customers’ needs can vary – consequently, we have the ability to make Kosher, Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Allergen-Free, Vegetarian, Vegan, and all sorts of other ingredients and blends. All of these programs are substantiated with supporting documentation, certification, and/or testing. Custom testing also available.


Every product Royal crown  Spice Company has  HACCP certification  based Risk Assessment designed to protect our customers against the risk of food safety related incidents within the supply chain. As a BRC Certified food manufacturer, we recognize the importance of investing in the safety of the food we make. Dried spices, herbs, seeds, and vegetables have unique food safety characteristics that need to be managed in the context of their intended applications, and OSC Food Safety and Product Development teams collaborate to keep every one of our products safe.

Our culture, training, history, and management commitment demonstrate the active implementation of current and developing food safety issues to provide a sense of pride in our workplace and the ability to define strategic partnerships within all categories of the domestic and international marketplace.


Royal Crown Company has a strong team of R&D Food Technologists. Their tenure contains over 13 years of experience and a wealth of expertise ranging from food science research to formal culinary arts training. Their passion is in using new, innovative concepts to create herb, spice and seasoning blends. These blends are designed to align with the marketing goals, brands and values required by our customers.

One of our core values at Royal Crown Spice Company is collaboration. This is greatly reflected in our R&D department, as our customers are truly our partners. In addition, our team is fully supported by our entire organization throughout each phase of the commercialization process. Whether it is blend development or duplication, our team will provide our customers with artisanal creativity backed by scientific rigor, which will ensure the success of all.

Our processing facilities include:

Spices Processing Line

Spices Powder Making Machine

Using this spices processing line, you get the spices powder as product by processing the different types of whole spices. This is fully automatic line, just feed the spices like turmeric, cumin, coriander, etc. in hopper and the whole process is done automatically.

It includes the number of processes:


The crusher contains two rotary blades that rotates in opposite directions, the spices are fed between the blades and cut into small pieces.


Milling or grinding is done using pin mill.

Pin Mill reduces the average sized material to fine powder and maintains the quality of material. It uses air cooling to maintain the temperature of the final product. There are two rotating disks with pins/knifes, the substance that is to be grinded, is fed into the space between disks and through the grinding motion of the disks the material is converted into powder.

Powder, is then sent for sterilization.


The sterilizer contains layers of conveyor belts; the product is passed through the UV rays to make sure that it is not contaminated with bacteria.

Oil Mixer

Oil is mixed in the powdered spices to give it flavors. The oil mixer mixes the oil with powder.


A sieve is used for sifting the powder to make sure there are no lumps and to get desired mesh size.

Vacuum Conveyor

Vacuum Conveyor is used to pull the powder from Sieve, so there is no risk of spreading the spices powder in the air.

The vacuum conveyor passes the powder to packing machines.


We offers an automated packaging line. This gives us the opportunity to add value to our customer’s needs. Bottling capabilities consists of retail and food service rigid, plastic bottles and packets, bulk packing -1 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg.

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