Business overview

We work with many food manufacturers and companies to fulfill large tenders for a wide range of food supplies. These range from government entities, humanitarian operations, and many companies’ labour camps and staffing operations.

Such customers include:

  • Governments building national strategic food reserves:
    • Variously handled in different countries by Municipalities, ministries of trade or defence, or other government entities.
  • Military catering operations:
    • Raw food for kitchens
    • Ready meals for canteens
    • Ready to eat snacks and quick food
    • Food basket programs, sometimes designed to last several days with the later days required more sterilized food
  • Some ministries that buy some basic foodstuffs in bulk which they distribute to the public at large, sometimes themselves and sometimes through co-operative networks, etc.
  • Refugee support arranged by organisations like:
    • World Food Programme and other UN organisations
    • Red Crescent and other regional charities,
    • Embassies organising local support programmes
    • Ministries handling refugee programmes, sometimes very long term
    • Food basket programs
  • Ministries of interior, supplying their police stations and other staff centres with:
    • Pre-cooked meals for canteens
    • Raw food for their kitchens
    • Ready to eat snacks and quick food
  • Ministry of education giving meals to the students, and many impose special conditions for health reasons, such as meals with less salt, nuts with and without shells, less carbohydrates, etc:
    • Raw foodstuff for their kitchens
    • Ready to eat snacks and quick food
  • Government ministries and organisations with
    • Large canteens and catering operations
  • Companies with large staff requirements, such as oil and gas, or construction:
    • Labour camps
    • Camps in remote regions (for oil exploration, etc)
    • Main staff centres
    • Tourist safari camps
    • Shipping companies with passenger ferries
    • Airlines

We have extra expertise in fulfilling these tenders effectively because of our knowledge gained through our own businesses in processing and packaging dry food, where we handle rice, tea, sugar, salt, and a wide variety of dried fruits and pulses.

Some government entities like to deal with a food manufacturer of that particular foodstuff, and when we do not have that experience in-house, we like to work with third parties to support the tender. For example, we do not process or package milk powder or sunflower oil, etc which is an experience that some government customers require for their suppliers. In such cases, we sign an agreement with manufacturers from those sectors and go ahead with the business.

Company profiles

Royal Crown Food Manufacturing LLC and Al Taj Al Maleki Foodstuff & Dried Vegetables LLC trade and manufacture in all foodstuffs, with processing plants focusing on dry foods.  For the full list of products handles go the list on this site

Al Raky Company is an Iraqi company which is owned by the same owner and supports our tender business Iraq. In other GCC states we have agents and are ready to move in business quickly.

Examples of business experience:

  • Supplying food to the Iraqi Ministry of Trade for its strategic stock;
  • Supplying the Iraqi Ministry of Refugees and Displaced Persons, for which we have a food basket assembly center in Irbil.
  • We have sold foodstuffs to the Iraqi Ministry of Defense for their personnel.
  • We have also supplied food baskets to the World Food Programme and other international humanitarian organizations. We have a specialized distribution teams in Baghdad and Irbil, and a showroom in Baghdad. Food baskets for the Red Crescent; Mohammad Bin Rashid Organization in support of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises; Mohammad Bin Zayed Organization; and the Mohammad Omar Bin Haidar Group’s charity operation.
  • Note that we have food basket assembly centres in the UAE and Iraq, and are ready to start others elsewhere as needed.


Details of the tender process

We invite you follow up with us to that we can give you more details on the requirements of the country and sector in which you wish to operate.